ZIPSPOTS.COM was spun off in 2001 from Travel Radio Network. Travel Radio Network/Travel Media Network specializes in travel promotions on radio and television. In 2002 ZIPSPOTS.COM also set up shop in Montreal and eventually in Niagara Falls.

ZIPSPOTS.COM is owned by 30-year radio pro Stan Campbell & Spanish Voice Talent, Tuchi Ramirez

The goal of ZIPSPOTS.COM is to provide rapid-response voiceovers and audio production, while maintaining communication with the end-client. We also offer several alternative voices. Our clients come from the usual areas such as auto dealers, retails stores as well as hospitals, heavy industrial, tourism, entertainment, We want to stress that we are not an assembly-line voice service. That works for some people. We prefer to grow a one-on-one long-term client/provider relationship.

Producing commercials and doing voiceovers enables you to become someone else…an actor and clown and big voiced announcer or a just a real guy or girl.  It’s all play-acting.  As with hit songs, good writing is the key to a good spot.  However, we usually don’t have the freedom to write our own creative copy.  If the client wants 15 sales deals and four phone numbers, we gently try to discourage that but in the end, “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”

Every day we learn something new. When we stop learning…we stop.